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Welcome to Xerdi, where we're driven by the vision of leveraging free software to transform businesses and pioneer a new era of technology. Join us as we champion innovation and empower companies to thrive in a collaborative and transparent digital landscape.

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Workstation & Infrastructure Solutions

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Secure Your Business with Xerdi's Private Workstations & Robust Infrastructure Management. Tailored to Your Needs, Our Solutions Guarantee Privacy, Reliability, and Efficiency.

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Effortless Document Creation

Easy Documents

Empower Your Organization with Xerdi's Context-Independent Document Creation. Standardize Recurring Documents Across Varied Styles Effortlessly. Simply Input Details and Generate Consistent Output with Ease.

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Decentralized Document Collaboration


Xerdi offers decentralized document collaboration using Git, ideal for seamless integration within your business services. Empower distributed teams to contribute independently while ensuring version control and document integrity.

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Corporate Identity Care

Corporate Identity Care

At Xerdi, we prioritize corporate identity care, ensuring that every document reflects the unique style and branding of your business. Our platform allows for easy creation and application of custom styles, ensuring consistency across all documents and materials. Whether letterheads, presentations, or marketing materials, Xerdi provides the tools for a cohesive corporate identity.

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