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Linux Services

Linux Solutions for Every Need

Xerdi provides Linux solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations. Our offerings include Linux Desktops, Linux Servers with KVM, and specialized remote working USB sticks.

Our Linux Desktops come pre-installed with the stable and professional Ubuntu 22.04. For Linux Servers, we offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM installed, providing you the flexibility to create servers with your preferred operating system.

Introducing our remote working USB sticks featuring Ubuntu 22.04. These sticks ensure fully encrypted and persistent storage, network exclusivity over VPN for maximum security, and 24/7 availability of your company resources.

Have questions? Feel free to ask for the best solution that suits your requirements.

Workstation Deployment

Experience seamless Linux workstation installations tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's your first time transitioning to Linux or optimizing an existing setup, we ensure a deployment that enhances productivity and user satisfaction.

Server Deployment

Trust Xerdi for deploying Linux servers with in-depth knowledge of free software solutions. Our setups go beyond standard configurations, offering an efficient workflow customized to your server requirements.

From robust security to optimized performance, our server deployments provide a reliable foundation for your digital infrastructure.

Maintenance Services

Ensure the longevity and peak performance of your Linux systems with our proactive maintenance services. We cover regular updates, security patches, and performance optimizations, letting you focus on your core activities while we keep your systems running smoothly.

PDF Excellence

PDF Document Generation

Unlock the full potential of your documents with Xerdi's PDF Excellence services. Our user-friendly interface, powered by LaTeX, a renowned typesetting system, ensures cutting-edge features and exceptional performance in document preparation. This solution is highly suitable for creating robust Document Management Systems and integrating with accounting systems.

Key features of our PDF Excellence services include:

  • Advanced LaTeX Typesetting: Leverage the power of LaTeX for high-quality document formatting.
  • Interface Options:
    • Highly Advanced TeX Interface: Tailored for users familiar with TeX, providing advanced interfaces for precise control.
    • Simplified Interfaces: Designed for end-users, offering simplified interfaces using markdown or an HTML form.
    • Styling Interface: Highly configurable styling interface developed by Xerdi to meet any styling requirements of our customers.
  • Collaboration with Git: Seamlessly integrate Git for collaborative document editing and version control.
  • Change Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of document changes, ideal for scenarios like client reviews of updated contracts, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.
  • File Embedding: Ensure document completeness by easily embedding relevant files, such as terms and conditions, directly within your contracts and documents.
  • References and Hyperlinks: Establish references between all your documents and create dynamic documents with hyperlinks extended to align perfectly with contractual concepts, including articles, sections, and parts.
  • Quality Output: Ensure long-term document integrity with high-quality output suitable for archival purposes, including PDF-A compliance.
  • Efficiency: Benefit from streamlined document processing through Lua Placeholders. See the free software project to learn more.
  • Integration Friendly: Easily integrate our services into your existing systems using a JSON or YAML API.

Our focus on the mechanics rather than policy solutions makes Xerdi's PDF Excellence services an ideal choice for those developing document management systems or accounting systems. We adhere to the principle of separation of mechanism and policy, providing you with the tools needed for effective document management without imposing specific policies.

Additionally, we contribute to the LaTeX community by publishing our best LaTeX package solutions as free software on Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN), ensuring widespread availability across every platform.

Whether you are a seasoned TeX user or prefer a more straightforward interface, Xerdi's PDF Excellence services cater to your document creation needs.

To get started contact Xerdi right away. We will get back to you as fast as we can.

Tailored Software Solutions for Your Business

When you choose Xerdi for Customized Software Solutions, you benefit from a commitment to free software principles. Xerdi works closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that align with their vision and values. While currently a solo endeavor, Xerdi envisions growth and expansion in the future.

Web and GTK Applications Development

Empower your business with tailor-made, user-friendly applications. Whether it's a web-based platform or a desktop application using GTK, Xerdi specializes in creating customized solutions to meet unique requirements. From concept to deployment, Xerdi ensures a seamless and efficient development process.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines

Optimize your software development lifecycle with robust continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Xerdi sets up automated processes that enhance code quality, streamline testing, and ensure efficient delivery of software. By implementing CI/CD best practices, Xerdi helps achieve faster and more reliable releases.

KVM Clusters for Linux Server Solutions

Elevate in-house server solutions with Xerdi's expertise in setting up KVM clusters, utilizing Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology. Xerdi specializes in deploying Linux-specific server environments, tailoring the setup to meet specific needs and performance requirements. The approach involves strategic planning, KVM implementation, and scalability and flexibility design. Whether establishing a new server infrastructure or upgrading an existing one, Xerdi's KVM clusters deliver a reliable foundation for Linux server solutions.

Technical Documentation with PDF Excellence

Ensure clarity and accessibility with comprehensive technical documentation. Xerdi combines expertise in PDF Excellence with in-depth technical knowledge to create documentation that stands out. From system manuals to API guides, Xerdi's documentation services ensure that information is presented professionally and accurately.

Package Management

Xerdi's comprehensive Package Management services encompass a spectrum of techniques designed to streamline software distribution and uphold system integrity. From .deb files, exemplified by the efficient Debian package management of projects like Ginvoice, to the intricate world of LaTeX packages, our adept team navigates complexities to ensure a seamless experience for users and communities alike.

Within the domain of .deb packages, Xerdi demonstrates expertise in managing Debian packages, exemplified by the outstanding Ginvoice project. This proficiency extends to the utilization of Launchpad, where .deb files undergo meticulous handling, including proficient installation, upgrading, configuration, and removal processes. This commitment ensures not only system reliability but also provides users with a seamless software management experience.

The domain of LaTeX package management presents unique challenges, particularly within expansive communities like TeX Live. Xerdi adeptly manages complexities such as filename conflicts, compatibility issues, and optimization to facilitate the smooth packaging and distribution of LaTeX packages. All our LaTeX packages are consistently published on CTAN, underscoring our commitment to overcoming the distinctive hurdles of software distribution within the free software community.