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About Xerdi

Xerdi is a forward-thinking software development company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to both the commercial market and individuals. Founded in 2021, Xerdi started with a vision of making high-quality software accessible to everyone. Over the years, we have evolved, embracing the challenges of the ever-changing tech industry while staying true to our commitment to free and customizable software solutions.

Our Mission

Xerdi is dedicated to developing and providing free software, with a particular emphasis on making the transition to open-source solutions more feasible for both the commercial market and individuals. We believe in the power of open-source solutions and commit to taking on assignments that align with this mission.

Our Vision

Aligned with the principles of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), our vision is to create a world where software freedom is universally recognized and embraced. We envision a future where individuals and organizations, with the support of our free software solutions, have the autonomy to control their digital tools and contribute to the collaborative development of open-source software.

In pursuit of this vision, we also value decentralized systems. We see decentralized technology as a cornerstone of a resilient and transparent digital infrastructure. By championing decentralized systems, we aim to empower users with greater control, privacy, and security over their data and digital interactions.

While we develop free software, we operate independently of the free software community. Our focus is on delivering high-quality, user-friendly solutions to our clients while adhering to the principles of software freedom.

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Meet the Founder

I'm a dedicated software engineer with a passion for developing on various Linux distributions, focusing on both server and client software. I have a holistic approach to software development projects, always striving to understand the bigger picture. With a background in music education as a teacher assistant, I value teamwork and ensure every team member is empowered to contribute their best.

My curiosity extends to diving deep into the technical aspects of projects. I excel at understanding and integrating third-party software, shaping system architecture to align with project requirements. This curiosity and technical understanding have made me adept at writing comprehensive technical documentation, leveraging the power of LaTeX to produce high-quality documents.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed organizations like TeX Live and CTAN, renowned for their commitment to the principles of free software.